Introducing the Carbon Black, a carbon-framed enduro
mountain bike that's sure to turn heads on any trail.

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Whether you’re cruising along Coogee Beach, or tackling one of Mt Buller’s famed alpine downhill trails, we have the ride for you. Our electric bikes are built to last. They are rugged and reliable, fitted with proven componentry to deliver an unbeatable experience.


Channeling all things retro, the Roadknight lets you soak up the
sunshine in complete comfort.


Navigate the urban jungle on board the smart and sleek Ceduna. Lightweight travel has never looked this good.

The Carbon Black is a carbon-framed enduro mountain bike that will turn heads on any trail.


Explore your neighbourhood, ride for fitness, or ditch the car for day-to-day use on board the Esperance.



In 2017, the founders of Bair convened to select a name for their fledgling electric bike company. After plenty of toing and froing, they arrived at Bair – in honour of a treasured friend. It was agreed there was something special about the name, something that held the promise of freedom and longevity, adventure and loyalty.

Our original creation, the first-generation Roadknight, was a fat-tyre beach cruiser that set an exciting new standard in retro-inspired style. More importantly, it served as the corner stone for a brand founded on the idea of delivering a totally unique experience for riders of all ages and abilities.

We now manufacture four distinct models of electric bike made from proven componentry that’s designed to handle tough Australian conditions. We cover everything from your lightweight daily commuter, to an authentic downhill carbon fibre beast and everything in between.

Every one of our bikes is the distillation of our love for riding.
No more, no less.



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