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  1. Turn your battery off and remove key from the bike if necessary.

  2. The battery can remain in the bike to charge, or it can also be easily removed to charge if preferred.

  3. Plug the charger into a power socket that is switched off.

  4. Plug charger into battery.

  5. Turn on power socket.

  6. Ensure the LED light indicator on the charger is on. While the battery is charging the light turns red, the light will change to green when it is fully charged.

  7. Turn off power socket.

  8. Unplug the battery from the charger and the charger from the power socket, store safely. If you removed the battery from the bike make sure to re-insert properly.


WARNING: Improper use of the battery charger can result in a fire with property damage and or physical injury.


  • To get the maximum life out of your battery, place on charge when low. If run to fully flat try to charge the battery as soon as possible. (Extended periods of time fully flat can result in the lithium shutting down) Maximum battery performance is between 20% - 100% charge rate.

  • Do not leave battery on charge overnight, or on charge for extended periods after fully charged (displayed by green light on charger). 

  • Overcharging battery can result in overheating, which in some cases can lead to fire. 

  • Only use genuine chargers specific to your bike’s specifications (preferably from BAIR Bikes or your supplier). The use of non-genuine, aftermarket chargers that are not specifically designed for the product can lead to fire, safety issues and void warranty. 

  • Store and charge your battery in a secure, dry, cool place, on a hard surface away from flammable materials or objects.

  • Regularly check contact points for damage, moisture, foreign objects and strange smells.

  • If you notice signs that the battery may have a problem, such as overheating, odours, leaks, change in colour on contact points or even shape. Discontinue use, store in a safe place and contact your local supplier, or Bair Bikes directly.

  • If you are not planning to ride your bike for an extended period of time, remove battery from the bike and store in a dry cool (room temperature) location. It’s great practice to charge your battery at least once every 30 days to ensure long battery life.

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