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How many kilometers can you get out of a battery?

The distance the battery lasts depends on many factors such as; how much power assist is being used, weight of rider, wind direction, elevation and terrain type. We state the maximum number of kilometers as 80 per battery but often it will be lower than this. As you ride you will get to know how log in the battery lasts for how you ride.


Can I buy BAIR Bikes online?

At the moment we are a wholesaler and do not sell any of our products online. If you would like to purchase directly from us you can visit us at our warehouse in Torquay (26 Baines cres, Torquay VIC) or purchase from one of our stockists. Refer to the stockist page to find one near you.

What’s the difference between the Roadknight and the San Remo?

The only difference between the Roadknight and the San Remo is the shape of the frame. The Roadknight has a classic frame with a high top bar, whereas the San Remo has a step-through frame which makes jumping on and off quick and easy. The low-step frame is great for people who struggle to lift their leg over a normal bike (or if your wearing a skirt).

How do I assemble my bike?

For a step by step video on how to assemble your new BAIR E-Bike, follow this link:


Can I customise my bike?

The custom parts you may be able to change at an extra cost and due to availability are as follows. Any further customisations…..

  • Front and rear mud guards

  • Rear rack


How often do I need to service my BAIR bike?

We recommend servicing you BAIR bike once a year or every 1000 km.


Where can I service my BAIR Bike?

You can service you BAIR bike at any regular bike servicing facility.

How long does it take to charge?

It can take up to 6 hours to recharge your battery from a fully discharged state.


Can I remove the battery?

Yes all bikes come with an easily removable battery pack for easy and convenient charging.


Does it charge when riding?

No, the action of pedalling does not charge the bike, it must be plugged into an outlet to charge.


Do you still have to pedal?

Yes, the power assist works by pushing you further and faster with each pedal. The bike still requires you to pedal but it will feel effortless!


Can the bikes get wet?

The bikes can be ridden in light to moderate rain and washed down with a hose but as they are electric, you should avoid getting the battery or any electrics saturated.


Can you ride the bikes on the beach?

Yes! The fat tyres allow you to comfortably ride your e-bike on the medium to hard sand. After your beach cruise we recommend hosing down you bike with fresh water to rinse off the salt so it doesn’t turn to rust over time.

*Excluding the Lonsdale model as it has a commuter style tyre


Can they be put on a bike rack for a car/caravan?

Yes, when transporting this item on a motor vehicle we recommend keeping the tyres as the weight baring part of the bike. This prevents vibrations directly affecting the frame as the constant shaking during driving may cause damage to the bike components over time.

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